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Newgrounds Rank Grabber

2007-12-29 03:13:05 by Sparkplug90

I have just adde yet another update
hopefull i will only have to make one more updat then the game will be finished
pls go to Newgrounds Rank Grabber 5 and post reviews so i know what all to add
this is what im working on
A High Score table
A few power ups
sounds when brick disipears


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2007-12-31 08:10:14

You mean rank grabber 6? hehe. I like it. Btw, I've reviewed all of them, I think, so I hope you won't be deleting the past versions in the future? Any 7 in the making?


2008-01-04 20:17:14

Hi there, just like Cyberdevil, been playing the newer versions you release. It's really neat to see the improvements you've been adding in. Anyway, after you perfect your rank grabber, what will be your next project?